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August 24, 2010

Frommer's -> Wiley

This is just a note that I changed all items previously labeled as "Frommer's" to Wiley. I started a new position at Wiley's Web Publishing Technology group, so I'll be working on several of the company's websites, including Frommers.com. Here are a couple of updates so far:

Wiley.com Logos
The logo pages on Wiley.com were skinned with an interface designed a few years ago, but their content areas were left in a much older, 800x600 design. I rebuilt the pages as practice in the CMS we have in place. So now all the page are the full width of the content area.
- Logos for Print
- Divisional Logos

Frommers.biz Press Release
These come in every couple of months or so, but it was kind of nice to get one on the week I started the new job because it was still Frommer's in some way. To read about our partnership with AARP, click here.

August Rheumatologist
The Rheumatologist is a monthly online magazine that we post on the website for download and yet another Wiley owned site that I never knew about. Click here for August's issue.

Coming Soon
I can't post any direct links to some of the larger projects yet, but I'll be working on Pfeiffer, Current Protocols, Comprehensive Physiology and Encyclopedia of Life Sciences.

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