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November 17, 2007

509 W. 122nd St.

A new Upper West Side apartment was added to the 38th Avenue Realty website. This listing makes use of Google Maps and Picasa Web Album for quick web development turnaround.

It's a 1-bedroom apartment in Morningside Heights. For details, photos, floorplan and map, click here.

November 11, 2007

The Round Table

The Round Table page has always contained links to fellow artists' websites. It was recently updated with links to online photo galleries of photographers as well. New links include photo galleries of Andrew Siy, Fenix 21, FHWing and Lewis 11354. James Li's Wonderham was also added.


Click Here for the Round Table

Google CSE Black

The Google CSE search box in the rightnav has been updated to match the look and feel of this new site. Just like the blue version of the search form on Dragonsaber, customizing this one involved downloading the Google search JavaScript and watermark. A custom style was added to display a black background. And the watermark was also recolored. Since the script is no longer pulled from Google's server, it means that a manual update must be made if they make an update on their end, but since this is an artist's site, the look and feel is of primary importance.

November 3, 2007

Web Design & Dev. Links

The Web Design & Development Link database has been updated. Some of the previous companies listed changed ownerships (and URLs). More web-based tools like Google CSE and Grazr were added after use on Dragonsaber. Other additions include TaskMerlin, Hostek and NYCFUG.

Click Here for the Complete List