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March 12, 2011

Donations to Japan

Friday's earthquake and tsunami permanently shifted Japan's coastline by a good 8ft. The country will still experience several aftershocks to come, so it will be a difficult recovery. I went through my list of relief organizations and personally link-checked all of them to make sure they had a way of donating to this specific disaster:

Thank you.

March 6, 2011


Kim Yeo just opened up an Online shop @ Etsy where customers can now buy reproductions of her work on sets of 6 greeting cards. Works range from sketches to complete watercolors.

Etsy stores have built-in RSS feeds, which came in handy for quickly building a low maintenance presence on Kimengyeo.com. ColdFusion was used to parse the RSS and jQuery to style the content data within the feed.

Click here for SketchyCards

March 5, 2011


Almost immediately after the Comprehensive Physiology launch, the Pfeiffer redesign went up. The old version was falling out of date with it's compact 800x600 design. While the version that launched wasn't a full redesign, it looks like it visually because of the width change and modern color palette.

Work on this site included reskinning an existing site with minimal recoding. The homepage and few main pages were the only ones built completely from scratch. The new pages are clean XHTML/CSS and the rest of the site is legacy code enclosed in XHTML. The navigation involved some light jQuery.

Click here to visit Pfeiffer