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December 22, 2007

Frommer's Xiamen

With photos from his recent trip to Xiamen, Kerwin visually upgraded the small online destination guide at Frommers.com. The main page displays Garden Show Park and a historic street on Gulang Yu. The slideshow, which was a new feature added to Frommers.com in November, has more photos of Garden Show Park, Gulang Yu and Zhongshan Lu.

Click here for Frommer's Xiamen

December 17, 2007

Wesley's Baptism DVD Cover

Wesley's Baptism adds some variety to the DVD Covers on Dragonsaber since it's the first non-travel one and it features people rather than landscapes and skylines. These compositions tend to be more challenging because it's more involved than finding a nice cityscape with enough negative space to place the text. The people must be featured prominently. And in many cases, photos have many other obstacles to work the text around. In this piece, part of the background had to be rendered using a different photo. For more details, click here.

December 7, 2007

RCT Q4 2007 Updates

RCT started taking advantage of the new News section and redesigned homepage right away. We recently posted 2 news articles and were able to get the most recent one into the homepage without having to make adjustments or workarounds. The homepage image was also just swapped out. Since it's such a large graphic, any updates to that image give the homepage a fresh new look. Click here to visit RCT.