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January 23, 2008

More Frommer's Slideshows

Please click on the links below to view some of Kerwin's photos recently uploaded to various Frommers.com slideshows:

Full Slideshows
Wiltshire and Somerset

London Photos
Tower Bridge Engine Room
Tower Bridge Engine Room
Jenny Lo's Teahouse
London Underground
Harrod's at Night

January 21, 2008

Starry Sky

The background image of Dragonsaber was slightly modified to make the stars pop out a little more. The blue stars are now lighter with some cyan added. It's a lot more visible, but still doesn't interfere with the text links and copyright in the footer. Previously, they were too dark and barely appeared on some monitors.

January 20, 2008

Web Design & Dev. Links

The Web Design & Development Links were recently tested and cleaned up. There were just a few updates:

Clarkstown High School North's site was restructured (they're using ColdFusion now!), so a lot of URLs changed, including the Art Department's.

The New York ColdFusion User Group changed their URL... they were able to get the .COM and scrapped their old .ORG address.

Ungreek Toolbot dropped off since it goes to a 404 error now. We were unable to find a good web-based replacement for this, but there's an equivalent Firefox plugin called Dummy Lipsum.

An online RGB-HEX converter was added.

January 14, 2008

Morningside Open House

The listing for the 1-bedroom in 509 W. 122nd St. has been updated. After deeper research and meetings with the owner, 38th Avenue Realty was able to get the price down to the correct market value. It was previously overpriced by $100,000. The updated listing also has a couple of new photos since the owner did some touch up work on his floors over the past week. There will likely be an open house every Sunday from 2-4pm until it's sold, but check the NY Times listing for open house updates.

January 13, 2008

R & R Retired

The R & R Dyno entry was moved from the Web Design Portfolio's main page to the Classics page. R & R Dyno was a partnership run by Ryan Chua's RCT Performance and Ron Delatorre's RJ's Custom Piping. Over the past year, Delatorre moved his business out of town and Chua took over operation of the dynamometer completely. Updated information about dyno services can be found on RCT Performance's In-house Dyno page.