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August 24, 2010

Frommer's -> Wiley

This is just a note that I changed all items previously labeled as "Frommer's" to Wiley. I started a new position at Wiley's Web Publishing Technology group, so I'll be working on several of the company's websites, including Frommers.com. Here are a couple of updates so far:

Wiley.com Logos
The logo pages on Wiley.com were skinned with an interface designed a few years ago, but their content areas were left in a much older, 800x600 design. I rebuilt the pages as practice in the CMS we have in place. So now all the page are the full width of the content area.
- Logos for Print
- Divisional Logos

Frommers.biz Press Release
These come in every couple of months or so, but it was kind of nice to get one on the week I started the new job because it was still Frommer's in some way. To read about our partnership with AARP, click here.

August Rheumatologist
The Rheumatologist is a monthly online magazine that we post on the website for download and yet another Wiley owned site that I never knew about. Click here for August's issue.

Coming Soon
I can't post any direct links to some of the larger projects yet, but I'll be working on Pfeiffer, Current Protocols, Comprehensive Physiology and Encyclopedia of Life Sciences.

August 21, 2010

A Semi-Secret Garden in Queens

Earlier in the month, Kim & Bock Yeo's house and garden was featured in The New York Time. Since it was a biographical piece, we decided to add it to the website's about section as well. The New York Time actually gave us permission to reprint it as long as it linked back to the original Online edition. I was surprised at this because the New York Daily News did not allow me to reprint an article written about RCT Performance a few years ago.

Click here to read "A Semi-Secret Garden in Queens"

August 7, 2010