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May 14, 2008

Donations to China & Myanmar

After the recent cyclone of Myanmar and earthquake of China, a large portion of the world's population were wiped out and that number continues to grow as the threat of plague increases. I've compiled a list of sites you could donate to based on CNN's old list. I personally link-checked all of them to make sure these 2 recent disasters were covered and easy to get to:

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Thank you.

May 11, 2008

NYC Photos (So Far)

There are a few photos in the NYC slideshow now. I have one of Trump Tower and another of Carnegie Hall. I spent one weekend taking pictures of various hotels, restaurants and attractions in Midtown West, but those are set on the backend as "POI (point of interest) only" photos and don't show up in the normal slideshow. There's currently no plan for how we're going to display those yet, but I just got a head start loading some in.

The backend of the photo upload process has also been streamlined. The system itself was built by Igor, a consultant and my counterpart, Chad. I added functions that would synchronize the JPG files on the development & production servers and most recently a system that would copy the updated HTML files/directories (w/ links to the slideshow) too. This allowed for making newly "photoed" destinations live faster.