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May 3, 2013

MOAC Windows 8 Design

Microsoft reverted to flat colors and shapes for their Windows 8 design. As you can see below, the logo used to be wavy and the gradients gave it a solid 3-D feel. The Windows 7 operating system went further and encased the logo in a candy-like round button for the start menu. Then in Windows 8, they went in the other direction and made everything flat.

To match the new design, the co-branded catalog header for Wiley's Microsoft Official Academic Course series was updated to match. The gradient was dropped for an official Microsoft flat blue background. And the new font is being used for the title/logo. All other fonts are from the Wiley.com stylesheet.

May 1, 2013

Wiley Live

This new app from Wiley Publishing gives you access to the latest news, published titles and articles, and events in Physics and Astronomy, Maths and Statistics, Engineering and Construction on the go, and lets you save articles for reference.

Click here for iOS

Click here for Android

February 7, 2013

Wiley Foundation

When updating legacy content, I often come across cases where we never got the original Photoshop files from the designer or it's so old that it got lost many generations ago. So I'll work from an existing JPG and use selections to keep parts of a composition. In the case below, we need to swap out the old logo for "Wiley" and replace with the Akzidenz-Grotesk font. The text was however placed on top of a background that was hard to rubber stamp out. So I kept the 3 square images and recreated the background using filters.



January 27, 2013

Kimengyeo.com Updates

- Lotus 1
- Lotus 2

- Birch stand
- Etched in snow

Still Life
- Onions on fabric
- Two White Eggplants
- Lemons and Plums
- Chinese lanterns

- Sheltered
- As They Swim 1
- As They Swim 2
- As They Swim 5

January 19, 2013

Kim Yeo Exhibitions

A Painted Garden
Mount Kisco Public Library
July 6 - 30, 2013
Opening Reception: Saturday July 6, 1 - 3pm
For more details visit www.mountkiscolibrary.org

Vermont Open Studio Weekend 2013
May 25 and 26
For details please visit