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July 26, 2008

The Watercolors of Kim Eng Yeo

A year after the design update, Kimengyeo.com underwent a full redesign. The trellis and wooden elements were dropped for a more neutral and abstract design. The colors are similar to the previous design, but the lighter choices were used for the larger elements. All of these changes were meant to increase emphasis on Kim's paintings rather than trying to frame them with a matching design. The site also went to a 1024x768 design so that larger versions of each piece could be displayed.

The information architecture was also reworked to be more painting-centric and SEO (seach engine optimization) friendly. The previous site was more of a web presence with emphasis given to the "about" sections. On the new site, the painting were brought up to the forefront. Each painting section is a main section of the site rather than living under a "painting" section. The homepage is more text heavy than before, using natural language, yet getting the keywords in. The news section allows for updates that point to exhibitions or new paintings.

Click here for The Watercolors of Kim Eng Yeo

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