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August 11, 2008

Frommer's Video & Mobile

Frommers.com posted a page promoting a new iPhone application created in partnership with Modality. There were actually 2 technological advances here:

1) iPhone App: This is the first Frommer's mobile app since the less known City-to-Go for the Palm VII in the late 90's. Even though it's only available for the iPhone & iPod touch, it will likely be successful because it's very visual and interactive, making full use of the devices' capabilities.

2) Video: Along with the app itself, the marketing department also worked on an instructional video to promote the application. This video is the first to be embedded on the site. Since this media isn't currently used in high volume on the site, YouTube was simply used for encoding and content delivery.

Click here to visit the Frommer's/Modality splash page

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