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January 8, 2010

Frommer's Slideshow

Just before the holidays, one of the projects that I was devoted to was a new slideshow format for Frommers.com. We wanted something that highlighted the photo. It also had to be fast and easy to navigate. I went with a neutral color scheme so the only colored item on the page would be the photos. Here are some of the one's we've published so far:

On the technology side, the play/pause feature is actually very simple. It's just a basic META refresh that's controlled by a URL variable, but it works well and fast. I threw in another script that activates the arrow keystokes to manually move forward and back in the slideshow. I'm used this feature from Facebook and Picasa and think every slideshow should have it. The links pass the slideshow URL over to the top social networks. "Get Link" uses a JQuery modal window with an autoselect onFocus so users can grab and save the URL of each photo.

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