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May 28, 2011

More Launch Announcements

This site was recently redesigned to have a more modern look. CliffsNotes was already the right width, but it needed some color and layout changes to keep up with its competition. Though I worked on some tweaking of this site, my work was primarily on the standalone mobile version. It was the first Wiley to go fully mobile, so it was fun to research and try out what methods worked best.
Click here to visit CliffsNotes

eLS, or Encyclopedia of Life Sciences was a very similar project to Comprehensive Physiology. It had identical component types, but a different design. This went along very smoothly as I learned a lot from the previous project and also took jQuery and CSS classes just before starting.
Click here to visit eLS

My WileyPLUS
The largest relaunch of all was WileyPLUS. It involved a login system, a customizable account for students & instructors and a homepage server move. There were so many moving parts and different groups involved that we had to kick this one off on a Saturday with some cleanup on Sunday. I worked primarily on frontend JavaScript/jQuery/CSS for My WileyPLUS and the homepage.
Click here to visit WileyPLUS

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