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November 19, 2011

Wiley Web Updates

CliffsNotes underwent a number of changes with the last deployment. The "college" header item now goes to a 3rd party section. "Cliffs Films" was added as a new section. The Literature section had a bunch of design changes after some user testing. "Chapter Summaries" now has a more prominent button on the first page of each Litnote. The graphic repeating the Litnote title was removed because it wasn't serving any purpose other than bumping the TOC lower down. Rolling over the next and previous buttons now displays the page titles. Click here to visit CliffsNotes.

WIREs had a logo change and a new homepage feature that links deeper into some of the articles. Each journal now has it's own unique header graphic and matching splash image. Click here to visit WIREs.

Leadership Challenge was completely redesigned. Previously, it was still stuck in an outdated 800x600 design. The new site was widened to 1024x768 and given a fresh new color palette. Click here to visit Leadership Challenge.

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